Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Do grades matter more than learning?

I think the education in adolescents have changed significantly, for example recently I received a physics test back and was quite happy to see that I got a 92%, To me that is great, I'm okay with a grade like that. But if I were to get a bad mark id be pretty shocked and disappointed, I honestly would not want to even see some of the criticism and corrections which help you learn as a student. I think that the feedback students get does not even compare to the value of a mark. Because the feedback is not the actual mark, it is advice to get a better mark. The advice doesn't mean anything to the student when they see their grades. I think the education should be taken with a different approach, high school is all about finding yourself and becoming more knowledgable.. but it is also about learning. You don't only become someone who is great with math or english you are taught how to learn so you can move on in life with your experiences guiding you. That said I think that marks are a really big part of the learning experience but not as much as understanding what you are taking in and learning from mistakes, because that ultimately leads to success in school.  

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